What is a Dreambox ?

At Coderbox we have started with one goal in mind, help people find their dream tech job.

To do this we had a simple process:

  • You tell us your dream job (salary, location, technologies, etc...)
  • We send you an email when that job is available so you can apply

This was fine until we got this question multiple times:

What if I don't have the required skills for my dream tech job ?

This got us thinking "How can we help with this problem ?". The solution we came up with is the title of this post a Dreambox.

The short definition:

Dreambox: A chunk of information like articles, books, tutorials, videos, jobs and meet-ups related to a job title.

The idea behind this, you get to improve your skills required for your dream job from someone that already has your dream job.

Instead of searching the web on what articles, books or tutorials you should read, you get an email with a Dreambox so you can read what other people that have your dream job read.

You can see a list with all of the boxes here: Dreamboxes

If you want to help others and publish a Dreambox related to your current job title just give me a buzz.

Don't forget: Your dream job is waiting for you! Join Coderbox and start with a Dreambox to get closer to your dream job.