Applying for a job sucks

Applying for a job today is the same as it was 10 years ago.

Let us be honest, applying for a job sucks. Let me give you a scenario:

  1. You spend a lot of time making an awesome CV.
  2. Then more time browsing for jobs.
  3. Then attach your resume and input lots of information
  4. When you finally apply for a job you’re super pumped about, you find out that the company doesn’t think you’re cut out for it.

Can this be fix ? Can we improve the application process ?

At Coderbox we think we can do it. Our goal is to help you have an awesome CV and show you within few minutes the jobs you’re most likely to get.

On top of that if you tell us your dream job we make sure you never miss the opportunity to apply for it, plus we help you learn more about your dream job with a Dreambox per week. (What is a Dreambox ?)

Let me tell you “How We Do It”

Let’s start with a simple example. If I add this as my experience:

  • Company: Coderbox
  • Technologies: #reactjs, #javascript, #redux, #css
  • Time period: jan/2015 — jan/2017

With only 3 fields, using our algorithm we can create a profile like this:

1. From technologies and time period we know:

  • You have “2 years” of experience
  • You are at “Mid Level”
  • You are a “Frontend Developer”
  • You worked “2 years with reactjs, 2 years with redux, etc….”

2. Because we have information about the company we know:

  • You have worked in a small company (2–10 employees)
  • You like flexible schedule
  • You have some idea about agile development cycle
  • You get fitness programs as benefits
  • You get bonus programs as benefits
  • You have worked with git

Putting all together from just 3 fields your profile can be:

2 years of experience, mid-level, frontend-developer, small-company, flexible-schedule, agile-development, fitness-program, bonus program, git

Using this information we show you the top 20 jobs from our database that reflects your profile and you’re most likely to get.

And all this requires less than 5 minutes of your time. Of course, if you add more info we can show you better jobs. For example you can tell us you like to work in big companies, or you like to work for a company that pays for some dev conference, min. salary, etc…

So no more job browsing, no recruiters, no resumés or cover letter just great opportunities matched to you.

What do you think ?

Can this change the way you apply for a job ? Share your thoughts below.